Creative Director/Strategist/Writer


About Me

Grand Clio and Cannes Lion-Winning Creative Director. Emmy-Nominated Writer.

Nick Braccia

For the last twenty years, I’ve worked on everything from Prep H to Star Wars. Since 2012, I’ve strategized, written and directed award-winning 360 programs at Campfire.

Recent Work

Video Palace (2018)

Co-Creator, Co-Executive Producer
An original fiction podcast for AMC’s Shudder network.

Purge City + Purge Shopping Channel (2018)

Narrative Director, Co-Writer
An enormous SDCC event + network TV success.

Krypton: Fan of Steel (2018)

Narrative Director
A web-based live trivia show for DC Comics and Superman fans leading up to the Krypton premiere.

Vikings: Prophecies of the Seer (2018)

Creative Director, Writer, Co-Producer
6 binaural audio narratives via SoundCloud and Facebook to promote the new season.

Resistance Radio (2017)

6 Cannes Lion Wins, An Emmy Nomination

Discover Westworld (2017)

A huge SDCC and NYCC Hit, covered everywhere from the NY Times to Wired

Outcast (2016)

CD and Writer
30 Awards including a Cannes Lion and Grand Clio

Sense8 (2016)

CD and Writer
An LGBT Shorty

Dusk Till Dawn (2015)

CD and Writer
No awards, but we did make talking urinal cakes.

Greatest Hits

Disney Descendants Franchise Strategy
Disney Channel (2015)

I lead the charge to identify new audiences outside the core (8-12 year old girls,) then built a transmedia franchise plan to drive buzz, leading up to the premiere of the first Descendant original movie. I encouraged Disney Channel to embrace fan creation platforms like Wattpad, managed the creation of a franchise story bible and collaborated on all social content.

Cable Network Launch
Robert Rodriguez's El Rey Network (2013-2014)

ERN challenged us to develop a launch campaign and long-term content strategy prior to debut. I wrote the network's internal manifesto and helped determine their content strategy across on-channel, social, partners, influencers and sponsors. I also managed the brand’s voice on social channels for the first year of the network’s existence.

Goldfish Kids Web and Cross Platform Game Launch
Pepperidge Farm (2012)

I managed the creative development of a mobile-friendly site experience and half-dozen web games for kids. The brain of the site and its games was a smart, recommendation platform inspired by mobile game funnel optimization and user retention techniques. The average site visit jumped 33% in length. I also conceptualized and wrote the brand’s first iOS game, the well-reviewed Operation: Get Gilbert, available on iPad and Android.

Dead Space Franchise Launch
EA (2010)

I wrote and developed a nine-chapter Myst-like horror game to introduce the Dead Space storyworld and stress the studio’s commitment to narrative excellence. This award-winning web experience, called No Known Survivors, blended 3D environments with 2D illustration, video and audio narrative.

Eragon: Vroengard Academy
Random House (2010)

I worked directly with author bestselling Chris Paolini and his fan community to design a competitive, team-based web game that spanned two months and pitted fans against one another to solve visual, music and real world puzzles. Challenges rolled out weekly, creating fresh PR and driving shares, awareness, email acquisitions and pre-sales.The web experience acquired 500,000 players. I later developed a sequel to the game for Facebook, called Inheritance Quest to promote the fourth book in the Eragon series.

Other Interesting Projects
(Details Available Upon Request)

Buzzfeed Product Lab (2017)

Creative ideation and copy for a top secret game development project. Details soon.

Ketel One (2015)

Managed social media content and strategy for Diageo's premium vodka brand.

Chair Entertainment (2014)

Developed launch + campaign strategy for Chair Entertainment + JJ Abram’s Spyjinx.

Ubisoft (2013)

Campaign strategy and launch tactics for Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag.

Hertz (2011)

Lead digital advertising, innovation and branding initiatives as the global car rental business re-branded + launched on-demand, green and music services. 

EA Visceral Studios (2010)

Campaign strategy, acquisition and pre-sale program + cross channel content for web and event for Dead Space 2.

EA Partners (2010)

Long lead digital tactics to launch EA Partner titles such as Rage, Bulletstorm and Alice.

EA Visceral Studios (2009)

Dante’s Inferno digital launch campaign and MVT pre-sales program.

EA Portfolio (2009-2010)

Managed CRM (email) creative and copy for entire EA portfolio, across Core, Sports, Popcap, BioWare, Dice, Maxis and EA Partners labels, in addition to original loyalty and acquisition programs like The EA Gun Club.

M&M’s (2006)

Wrote and directed the Cannes Lion-shortlisted web game 50 Dark Movies, Hidden in a Painting.

M&M’s M-Pire (2005)

Pitched a partnership between M&M’s and Lucasfilm to co-promote Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, then managed the digital creative for the award-winning program.

M&M’s Global Color Vote (2001)

Was the lead copywriter for a 73 country digital program to choose a new color for M&M’s.